Two people collaborating in an Oakland coworking space.

Oakland — A City within a City

While all of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods contribute to the city’s economy and overall vitality, Oakland’s business district and position as ‘a city within a city’ makes it unique to Pittsburgh and the metropolitan region as whole. With three major universities, and three distinguished cultural institutions, Oakland is a center of the southwest Pennsylvania’s cultural and knowledge-based economies. It is Pittsburgh’s second largest employment center with a high concentration of health and education sector jobs. Nearly one-third of Pittsburgh’s workers are employed in Oakland.

A group of people working together in a Uptown coworking space

Uptown — a Strategic Location

Uptown is a compact neighborhood of just 209 acres that features three major anchor institutions and a strategic location with convenient regional access. There are numerous opportunities for reinvention and inclusive economic development throughout the neighborhood. The result will be a community for young professionals, international residents, students, and existing residents — integrated into a uniquely designed live-work environment not yet found in Pittsburgh.


Uptown and Oakland — Merging Opportunities

The avenues (Fifth and Forbes) form the corridor that connects the engines of the region’s economy (Oakland and downtown Pittsburgh). The corridor is the focal point for an incredible amount of energy and investment from both the private and public sector.  As a result the corridor is on its way to becoming Pittsburgh’s innovation corridor.  The corridor is the place to be if you want to grow a business.