Company Spotlight: TravelWits

TravelWits‘ objective is simple: One search to combine it all. One price upfront. Plan your entire trip in 5 minutes.

Maybe it’s not that simple for them to pull off behind the scenes, but their work definitely makes planning a getaway a cinch for users. Luckily, they have an awesome work space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood to keep focused…aside from the occasional people watching on Forbes Ave. Read on to learn more about this unique company that can save you lots of $$$ from Arman Bimatov, co-founder of TravelWits.

  1. One thing people are surprised to learn about you/your company  

On average we save up to 30% for our customers when compared to other travel sites by searching through millions of combinations of different modes of transport and accommodation.

  1. One goal for 2018?

We are proud to announce TripKits for Business, our business travel solution that allows you to input your meeting times and locations, reward programs, corporate travel policies and search and book all your transport and accommodation across all meeting locations in one click. Our goal for 2018 is to pilot TripKits for Business with a number of companies. If you are a company that does a lot of travel and would like to save time and money, reach out to to sign up for a pilot.

  1. Why Avenu?

We enjoy the location of the office, Avenu’s network and events, access to the top notch talent out of CMU and University of Pittsburgh.

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